Anchise PICCHI

Digital art

Was your nephew Lido responsible for introducing you to computer graphics?

He didn't push me into it. He only showed me the possibilities for using colors of the new electronic medium. When I saw this, I wanted to try it and I found myself immersed in an extraordinary world of light and colors. I couldn't avoid it. I always looked for light and color, a perfect harmony. In front of me was a pure light, a palette of an infinity of colors. How could I resist? There isn't much of a difference between a paint-brush and a mouse. The quality of a poem does not depend on the type of pen used.

(Telematics interview to Anchise Picchi by dott. Stefano Colonna, historian of Art at the Rome University - ISSN 1127-4883     BTA - Bollettino Telematico dell'Arte, 11 luglio 2000, n. 124 (16 aprile 1996) - - See interview section)


Digital art by Anchise Picchi

The first time Anchise Picchi tried usung a PC he was eighty five years old, in 1996. He tried the simple PaintBrush software of Windows 3.1 first, and then a more complex software as Fractal Design Painter . He never used any graphic tablet but always only the mouse. He begun for curiosity and fun spraying directly the colour on the screen with air-brush software tool. By that time his eyes weren't well and the monitor's brightness invited him to paint. The software displayed to him a very large colour set and quite an infinity of colour softness. He painted some artworks already done in oil, others he created suddenly and playfully. However, we've thought about proposing here some of these digital paintings because they belong and complete the view of the artist's production . A long time ago the author knew, some artists of the Macchiaioli movement in the second decade of the last century and he now ends his cycle using the digital technique that modern technology places at his disposal: it seems to us a very interesting situation. We want to underline that as an artist, even with his roots spanning a long time, he is able to find new energy and inspiration in modern digital techniques, even if he is a very old artist. This yet demonstrates the sentiment, dream and fantasy are disconnected and free from the expressive medium, in a coherency of the style that, really, remains personal and unique.



Ritorno dal bosco
La bufera
La fienaiola
La burraia
Giorno di vento
Le mondine Paesaggio di fantasia Il ponte Mediceo sul fiume Tora a Collesalvetti
Due ombrelli
Torello al sole Il testimone muto Rosso di sera



When human beings, a long time before the birth of writing, consigned his thoughts to simple signs drawn on the sand, he understood that in his signs, other men were going to recognize themselves, thus sharing dreams and emotions. Conscious of the evocative strength of the sign and he then engraved on rocks, bringing his figures and symbols into the deep dark of the caves, so consigning them to time in order to transmit his communicative need, his constant necessity not to be alone in the difficulties and pains of his life, in the unresolved mystery of existence…(Anchise Picchi)







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