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"Drawing isn't the dark or light trace the pencil or the brush produces in following the contour of objects, but it's the whole set of masses and their disposition and proportion in space; the contrast of lights and shades. What we normally mean for drawing is only shallow graphic and calligraphic training… Whenever light dies life dies too! " (A. Picchi)

Drawings and engravings - In this section you can see some drawings carried out many years ago (1940/1949), together with some earlier ones. As you can see, the first period was marked by an intensive use of charcoal, with nuances that move all the works, with a well balanced contraposition of light and shaded masses. Already comes out what henceforth will be the pictorial conception of the author. (The earlier drawings in this section are published here for the first time and aren’t in the graphics book because they were found later.)

Il matto sull'asino
La novella
Le raccoglitrici
Il Redentore
Uomo con sacco
La via dei Poggi a Collesalvetti

Sketches - Here we show sketches carried out for later paintings. Some of these have been transferred to paintings, others have remained at the level of a simple sketch but however they keep all the freshness of the first impression. The crucifixion theme was particularly felt by the author, although he is a convinced layman. But the author sees in the Crucifixion the universal archetype of a pain that concerns us all, that concerns our lives.


Madonna con Bambino
Pagliai d'inverno
Sotto il Calvario
Paesaggio con nebbia
A Castell'Anselmo di Collesalvetti
In attesa
Paesaggio con pioggia

Studi - The nature studies below, show all their verve and vitality of direct and immediate impressions. The seascape study, black pencil on canvas, appears however as a more refined work, where the author had been able to represent the hour and place's spirit: the sea, now represented with an exceptional softness. Here we can see how the author makes the drawing itself beautiful, despite the absence of colour by his use of chiaroscuro. Thus demonstrating his assertion at the top of this page.



Studio di maschere
Studio di ombrello
Studio di nudo con bende
Studio di una marina
Sandro che gioca
Studio di testa di ragazza
Studio di bambini che giocano
Studio di mucca a riposo
La legatura dei covoni di grano

*** For a most complete view of the author’s graphic activity see the book” Anchise Picchi: La grafica”, in the publications section.


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